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Since 2000 I have been providing custom, FileMaker Pro database design for non-profit organizations and small businesses in St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee. Just to get you started we offer several FileMaker Pro solutions as free downloads. FileMaker Pro, available for Mac and Windows, allows for the rapid development of solutions which are always open for continued refinement and customization to suit changing needs. We use FileMaker Pro because it is a powerful database system which is unrivaled in its ease-of-use and customizability. Our FileMaker Pro databases can be used on a single computer or shared in a network or via the internet. FileMaker Pro databases can store incredible amounts of data (up to 8 terabytes) and can be protected with an account and password system.

Here's what one user had to say about our FileMaker Pro solution,

Action Tracker:

Best GTD assistant to date... I recommend this as a solution for GTD lovers hands down. Works especially well for me, as I split my time between Mac and Windows as a Sys Admin, and have published the DB to our company's FM Server so that I can access it anywhere. --Reviewer at Version Tracker

FileMaker Pro solutions are perfect for managing customers, clients, and vendors as well as tracking orders, inventory, products, and assets. With FileMaker Pro your database goes far beyond text: organize pictures, video and other multimedia files. Track project details and associated tasks, contacts, and files. Distribute and publish your data with printed invoices, letters, reports and mailing labels. Our solutions integrate with your current paper-based system with customized electronic forms that look just like your paper forms making data entry even easier.

FileMaker Pro is flexible and easily exchanges data with a variety of other programs through import and export. Virtually any word processing or page layout program can import FileMaker Pro data for use in organizational newsletters and reports.

FileMaker Pro is available for both Windows and Macintosh.

Standard Rates:

  • Home and non-profits: $25/hr (One hour minimum), additional travel expenses may apply
  • Business: $55/hr (One hour minimum), additional travel expenses may apply

Rush Job:

  • Home and non-profits: $35/hr (One hour minimum), additional travel expenses may apply

  • Business: $65/hr (One hour minimum), additional travel expenses may apply

More about what you can do with FileMaker Pro:

  • Drag and drop importing of Excel files.
  • Customize databases to work the way you do.
  • Add your company logo, background colors, custom field names.
  • Provide web access to your FileMaker databes for easy access via Safari, FireFox, or Internet Explorer.
  • Share over your network with up to 5 simultaneous users on Windows or Mac OS.
  • Share your FileMaker data in popular formats by saving files as Adobe PDF and Excel.
  • Store a variety of information types: pictures, video, and other multimedia files
  • Store virtually unlimited amounts of data.
  • Customize databases to work the way you do.
  • Create your own views of the data with easy to read layouts.
  • Manage large tables and numerous relationships.
  • Provide access based on assigned privileges.
  • Access shared databases via Windows or Mac.
  • Provide custom privileges.
  • Decide who has access to particular data.
  • Create and print reports in a variety of formats.
  • Send personalized emails using FileMaker Pro data with ease.
  • Email the contents of virtually any field.
  • Save time via scripted automation of many tasks.

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